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Usefulness of Lamination Film in Various Environments

Good lamination requires high quality lamination film that would be able to protect the document as desired. There are various types of lamination film in the market to suit the varied application and objectives.

Types of films

Different laminators use different lamination films for the best effect. There are pouch and roll laminators designed for home or office applications. These can be small to medium units using polypropylene laminating films in rolls or preferred sizes.

Most laminators need to be switched on for a while before they can be activated as the machines need to warm up according to the preferred heat setting. Thicker lamination using thicker laminating films would require higher temperature settings.

There are various laminating films made of polypropylene to cater to the different applications at home, office or industry. These lamination films can be of different sizes, thickness and lengths for the different types of contents to be encapsulated. The more common lamination films are oriented polypropylene (OPP), cast polypropylene, biaxial and mono OPP lamination films.


Consumers can choose any type of lamination film in the market to laminate their desired items. Laminating machines of different types can make use of various laminating films to protect the desired contents.

Laminated products enjoy a longer lifespan. The right laminating film can enhance the outward appearance of the laminated document which is important to any business that desires a professional image with all its documents.

Home consumers and offices would choose a roll laminator that uses a long roll of laminating film if they have items that are long to be protected. Different roll laminators allow different heat setting for the different film thickness inserted for laminating. Thick items such as posters require a lower laminating speed while thinner items like papers would need a faster speed of lamination.


There is a plethora of lamination films in the market for various applications. Simple items such as name tags, calling cards and ID badges in any office environment can be laminated for longer lifespan while presenting a professional image for the company.

Commercial companies such as restaurants and supply stores may choose to laminate their catalogues and menus as well as handouts, leaflets and brochures that are frequently used. Lamination safeguards these documents from the mishandling by customers to ensure a longer lifespan that would help the company save money in the long run.

Home consumers may wish to laminate their personal documents which are important such as title deeds and identification cards as well as certificates and achievement awards.

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